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About me: SAEHD videos are 200 tokens. Bollywood videos are set at 400 - as very few download and if a few buy, it will give me much greater incentive to make more. All of my older DFL 1.0 H128 videos are 125 tokens. Most of my clips focus on XXX hardcore action with cumshots. I want nasty gonzo porn with celebs taking it in the ass, getting gangbanged, and swallowing cum. The nastier the better. I've been around, so I know that obscure 60's/70's/80's'90's celeb you want to see suck dick. I am open to custom work --- especially for regular custom work of one clip per week or per month. All custom work must be paid via Bitcoin (go to Coinbase to sign up for an account). I am looking to add 1 or 2 regular patrons for custom work. If you want 10-20 clips of your favorite celebrity doing unspeakable acts and you are reliable for communication and bitcoin payment, then PM me. I only work with celebrities or internet celebrities > 1 million followers, no private citizens.. Support my quest for more and better hardware by downloading via tokens or donating directly to my bitcoin address. Donation address: 372ujQgt7NEhy8k89K3dzAPee3D4PM3ceK

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